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+ Manicures

Dubl Digits lifts the humble day spa manicure and pedicure to new heights. Our day spa manicures and pedicures are effective, cuticle-caring and nail polish perfect. Choose a quick fix express manicure or pedicure and be polished and back in business in under an hour. Or make time for a day spa deluxe manicure or deluxe pedicure-even better with a friend. Deluxe Spa Pedicures start with a relaxing and skin softening soak. Deluxe Spa Manicures start with an aromatic oil soak. The end result: Day spa nails beyond perfection.

Featured Manicures

Repechage Anti-Aging Hand Manicure

The Anti-Aging Hand Manicure is a facial for your hands. It is an exfoliating and deep hydrating treatment combined with the best hand massage for maximum benefits. It insulates hands from premature aging and provides nourishing moisture. The treatment includes some of our best body treatment products like our Seaweed Bath and Calming oil, naturally exfoliating Honey Almond Scrub, Seaweed Mask, and moisture rich Sea Spa Hand Cream. 1 hr/$45


CND Shellac Manicure

CND Shellac Manicure is the original and only Power Polish service. Empowering you, the real woman, with 14+ days of superior color and shine, no matter what life brings you. Set it and forget it. Practical and fearless. Improve the length of your nails with an armour coat that says, “see you in 2 weeks.”

  • With Mini Manicure Application w/o removal 60 min/$40
  • With Mini Manicure w/removal 75 min/$45
  • With a Deluxe Spa Manicure w/removal 90 min/$60 
  • With a Deluxe Spa Manicure w/o removal 75 min/$55
  • French Polish +$10
  • Additives and Nail Art $ by quote
Other Manicures

Deluxe Spa Manicure 60 min/$35

  • Botanical Oil Finger Soak
  • Cuticle and Nail Care
  • Exfoliation Treatment of Hands & Arms
  • Hydrating Mask for the Hands
  • Soothing Massage of the Hands & Arms
  • Polish or high shine buff

Mini Manicure 45 min/$30

  • Botanical oil Finger Soak
  • Cuticle and Nail Care
  • Mini Massage of the Hands & Arms
  • Polish or high shine buff

Express Manicure (Service does NOT include polish) 15 min/$20

  • Botanical oil finger soak
  • Shape and file fingernails
  • Mini massage of the hands & arms

My First Manicure (for kids ages 5-11) 30 min/$20

  • Cuticle and nail care
  • Massage of hands & arms
  • Polish or high shine buff
  • Finger soak

Repechage Anti-Aging Manicure $50


Other Benefits

  • Polish Change +$15
  • French +$10
  • Nail Art $/quote by design chosen

+ Pedicures

Featured Pedicures

Z-ion Detox

Now Available for 2 people at the same time.

Detoxify your body through your feet, then beautify. All in 1 treatment, to balance your whole body. This non-invasive treatment removes toxins through the many pores in your feet. Everyone has different toxins. Therefore, the end resulting color of the water will be unique to you. When completed, your feet will be noticeably revived and your back deeply massaged. Not for people under 8, if you have a transplant, pacemaker, if on blood thinners, are a hemophiliac, epileptic, pregnant or nursing. 45 min/$35

doTERRA Signature AromaYou Pedicure

Experience the natural healing and aromatic benefits of doTERRA CPTG essential oils and treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure with an AromaTouch massage and leave feeling fresh and balanced. 75 min/$60 or +$8 w/ deluxe spa pedicure

Other Foot Treatments

Deluxe Spa Pedicure 75 min/$55

  • Skin softening foot soak
  • Cuticle and nail care
  • Callous removal
  • Exfoliation of feet & legs
  • Invigorating mask for the feet
  • Relaxing massage of the feet & legs
  • Polish or high shine buff

Mini Pedicure 45 min/$45

  • Skin softening foot soak
  • Cuticle and nail care
  • Exfoliation of feet & legs
  • Mini massage of the feet & legs
  • Polish or high shine buff

Toe Nail Trim Express Pedicure (Service does NOT include polish)  30 min/$35

  • Skin softening foot soak
  • Trim and shape toenails
  • Mini massage of the feet & legs


  • Toenail Polish Change +$20
  • French +$10
  • Nail Art $/quote by design chosen

My First Pedicure (for kids ages 5-11) 30 min/$30

  • Foot soak
  • Cuticle and nail care
  • Massage of feet & legs
  • Polish or high shine buff

Foot Stress Reliever (Service does NOT include polish  or toenail care) 45 min/$40

  • Skin softening foot soak
  • Relaxing massage of the feet & legs
  • Invigorating scrub of the feet and legs
  • Extra Massage Time add 15 min/$10

+ Artificial Enhancements

Dubl Digits is committed to quality and by using the best products in the industry, we strive to keep up with the latest trends. Most of all we use acrylic and gel that is of high quality. We use gel (not gel powder added to acrylic powder) to do gel nails, that cure under a light during every step. This process does take longer as it tends to be a little more tricky. Though the end result is a beautiful display for your hands. If we were a client, we would come here. Dubl Digits believes that you, as a customer, deserves the very best. We want you to leave feeling relaxed, not rushed, and proud of your nails, every time.When scheduling an appointment, please tell us if you would like to have French tips.

Artificial Enhancements 

Gel Nails

  • Natural nail overlays $50/60 min
  • French overlays +$10
  • Sculpted Full Set $80/120 min
  • French +$10
  • Pink & White French +$10
  • w/ UV Gel polish +$5
  • Glitter Tip +$5
  • Clear Fill (2-3wks) $40/60 min
  • Fills (2-3wks) $50/1-1/120 min
    includes air dry polish and uv gel polish
  • Fills (4+ wks) +$5
  • Nail Art +$/By quote
  • Single Nail Repairs +$10/each
  • Glitter, Chrome, Holographic Base Layer +$5

+ Waxing & Facial Treatments


which in French, means “to rescue,” is a full range of nutrient rich seaweed based skin care products designed to help men, and women regain beautiful, healthy skin. A favorite at top spas around the world, the line focuses on treating acne and aging skin with seaweed-based formulas, which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Repechage was founded in 1980 by Lydia Sarfati, a leader in the skin care industry who is known worldwide for setting the standard in esthetic treatments. Her professional line of products have been proven effective to reduce the appearance of acne, fine lines and wrinkles, and it is used proudly at Dubl Digits in their facials and body care treatments.

FUSION Enzyme Facial
For all skin types except sensitive. Awaken the senses with a FUSION enzyme facial freshly blended with B vitamins, aloe vera, orange water, acai berry and coconut oil. These treatments are for anyone that needs a time out. EVERYONE can enjoy the benefits of wonderful formulas combining the rich benefits of organic chocolate, berry, Matcha green tea, vanilla, and pumpkin with signature Laminaria Digitata complex to provide essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 60 min/$80 

Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment
This professional eye contour treatment is based on the latest advances in skincare and clinically proven ingredients that work to combat signs of sleep deprivation, aging, and environmental damage. This treatment used by itself or added on to any facial to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness,and dark circles. 30 min/$30 or +$15 w/ any facial 

4-Layer Facial
Indulge in the 4-Layer Facial for Dry to Oily/Combination skin and see why Cosmopolitan UK Magazine named this treatment as the “…best facial of the century…” This facial is a unique anti-aging, rehydrating facial that guarantees visible results. After cleansing and exfoliating, layer upon layer of freshly prepared seaweed applications will begin to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically and long-term. Two massages will soothe, and then enjoy a cool aqua green seaweed mask, followed by a warm mineral rich thermal mask. The result: healthier, younger looking skin that is nourished with visible moisture.
55 min/$90

Biolight Miracle Facial
Try the Biolight Miracle Facial to help brighten and diminish the appearance of hyper-pigmentation due to the sun, acne scars and hormonal changes while enriching the skin with its added anti-aging benefits. Clinical studies have shown that this facial and its marine and botanical actives work together to uncover a radiant, more luminous complexion. Biolight utilizes breakthrough skincare technology to combat hyperpigmentation before, during and after it occurs. This revolutionary new product line is a natural and effective method in your quest in achieving outstanding results without damaging the delicate nature of the skin. This facial does include a glycolic acid peel. If you do have the conditions listed in the GlycolSea Acid Peel we can still administer the facial without the peel.
55 min/$90

Express HydraDew Facial
The Express HydraDew Facial is for normal to dry skin provides 100% in depth moisture while combating hyperpigmentation and age spots. Superior in anti-oxidant protection unlike any other facial. In-depth hydration from waterlily, willow herb and seaweed, lift the skin while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is designed to deliver maximum results in a minimal amount of time. 45 min/$75

European Seaweed Mask Facial
Recommended for all skin types, the European Seaweed Mask Facial is a solution to clean, hydrated, and healthy skin. After cleansing and toning with the appropriate products chosen for your skin type, the Honey-Almond scrub will buff, smooth, and soften the skin, prepping it
for a soothing massage with concentrated seaweed serum, rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, help speed-up cell regeneration, healing and restoring. Then a pure, fresh Seaweed Mask is applied to the skin to help rejuvenate, tone and firm the skin dramatically. Skin is left radiant. 55 min/$75

Classic European Facial
The Classic European Facial recommended for combination and dehydrated skin, uses St. John’s Wort, an ancient botanical with gentle soothing properties, cleanses, tones, and moisturizes. A calming massage and deep cleansing helps to hydrate and purify the skin. 55 min/$70 

Hydra 4 Facial
Truly for those with Rosacea, reactive, and sensitive skin, the Hydra 4 Facial calms, soothes, and protects stressed-out complexions while helping to decrease skin sensitivity. Olive oil and olive leaf extracts provide superior antioxidant protection while nourishing seaweed retrains the skin to be less sensitive and builds resistance to external factors. 55 min/$70 For more moisturization upgrade with Seaweed Treatment Mask. +$20

Hydra Refine Facial
The Hydra Refine Facial is the ultimate treatment for normal to oily skin. Combat oiliness and shine, eliminate breakouts, reduce the look of large pores, and dramatically lighten. This facial rids the skin of impurities. Seaweed, Lemongrass, and Cucumber leave the skin feeling refreshed, renewed, and ultra clean. Cleansing with Lily of the Valley extracts, deep cleans. Freshly toned skin is followed by high frequency and our oil-free serum to fight breakouts followed by a mask containing skin brighteners, tiny spheres of Rice Bran and Lactic Acid. 55 min/$70 

Hydra Medic Facial
The Hydra Medic Facial for Acne. Through advanced technology this facial is deep cleansing and assists in the removal of blackheads and whiteheads. It helps control acne breakouts and oil production. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial formula heals and protects. The face is treated with high frequency which results in sanitized pores. This facial provides proven results. Perfect for teens and adults struggling from acne. 55 min/$90

Essential Facial and AromaTouch Treatment Package
Deeply relax your body with the AromaTouch Treatment added to this facial. Rest and nourish your skin with this wonderfully balancing treatment and leave with a freshly hydrated complexion. This treatment will balance out your whole body.
90 min/$120

AromaTouch Technique
Add an AromaTouch Technique to any service for an additional 45 min/$55


Lamina lift mask +$10 w/facial

Optifirm Eye Contour Treatment +$15 w/facial

+ Body Treatments

Peppermint Sea Twist Body Wrap
Try the heated Peppermint Sea Twist for slimming and toning. This slimming body treatment combines peppermint oil and freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate and purify your skin. This thermal body treatment helps contour and firm making it great for reducing cellulite. Emerge with a cool, invigorating feeling. Come see why Mademoiselle magazine called this treatment “…One of the best skin treatments we’ve ever tried. It’s the Peppermint Sea Twist…”
Not for women who are pregnant or for those with high blood pressure. 60 min/$90

Back Cleansing Facial
Relax and enjoy as you are pampered like never before with the Back Cleansing Facial. Truly a facial for your back, this treatment includes massage, exfoliating body scrub, a stimulating back brushing and a deep pore cleansing. A soothing antibacterial mask follows all this. Perfect for teens, sports enthusiasts or anyone with problem skin on their back. 60 min/$60

Z-ion Detox
This non-invasive treatment removes toxins through the many pores in your feet. Everyone has different toxins. Therefore, the end resulting color of the water will be unique to you. When completed, your feet will be noticeably revived and your back deeply massaged. Not for people under 8, if you have a transplant, pacemaker, if on blood thinners, are a hemophiliac, epileptic, pregnant or nursing. 45 min/$30

+ Hair Removal

Hair Removal
Try a professional body or facial waxing and your skin will look and stay smooth for weeks. These are effective ways to remove hair because hair is removed completely from the root. Hair growth is slow so you would only need to wax every 4-6 weeks. Please DON’T SHAVE for at least 10 days and allow hair growth of 1/4” prior to your waxing service to achieve the best result.


  • Full arms (wrist to shoulder) $35
  • Forearms only $20
  • Underarms $25
  • Fingers/Toes $1 each
  • Lower Leg (knees to ankles) $37
  • Full Leg (ankles to bikini) $65
  • Top of Foot $5 each
  • Abdomen $15
  • Bikini (no brazilians) $25 and up
  • Back $40 and up
  • Chest $40 and up


  • Brow Center $5
  • Full Eyebrow $15
  • Lip $10
  • Chin $10
  • Neck $20
  • Sides of Face $16
  • Full Face (eyebrow, lip, chin, sides) $44
  • Partial Face (eyebrow, lip, chin) $30
  • Top of Hands $5 each

+ Spa Packages

Sea Escape Stone Facial and Body Therapy
The Sea Escape Stone Facial and Body Therapy is unlike any other stone therapy, because it creates a yin-yang balance throughout your body by utilizing both hot and cold Sea Stones 90 min/$120

  • During this 90 minute treatment, various sized stones that also vary in temperature are used as massage implements and are placed on key pressure points on your body to relieve tension.
  • The Sea Stones are used in conjunction with reflexology and lymphatic drainage for complete face and body relief.  The treatment begins by placing a large Sea Stone on the abdomen, or as we like to refer to it, your yoga, to allow you to focus on your breathing.
  • This treatment follows by placing hot basalt stones, rich in iron, on your meridian points, including your underarms, chest, hands, and knees.  Warm facial stones are then used to cleanse your skin, loosening debris and emulsifying oil.
  • At the same time, a relaxing foot and hand treatment release tension, stress, and improves overall well-being.
  • Cold Sea Stones are then followed by a cold French Seaweed Mask and cold eye contour therapy to reduce puffy eyes.
  • Finally, a hot mineral mask allows for total penetration of the layers of fresh European Seaweed products to rejuvenate, tone and firm the skin for dramatic and long-term results.

doTERRA AromaTouch Technique
The AromaTouch Technique (ATT) The uses of essential oils are vast and represent a well-documented model for improving overall health. Widespread acceptance of essential oils, has led many to choose this natural approach to healing and prevention. doTERRA® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils have been recognized as the most therapeutic oils in the world and play a leading role in positive health choices. This clinical approach to essential oil application is a powerful, accessible way for everyone to experience the healing powers of doTERRA’s CPTG® essential oils. The AromaTouch® Technique incorporates simple hand techniques with the power of essential oils to create a powerful whole body wellness and create overall systemic health benefits. It seeks to address four systemic constants that are present in daily life and which may serve as limiting factors in health: stress, immunity, the inflammatory response, and autonomic imbalance. $55/45 min

Z-ion Foot Detox and Deluxe Spa Pedicure package
Detoxify your body through your feet, then beautify. All in 1 treatment, to balance your whole body. This non-invasive treatment removes toxins through the many pores in your feet. Everyone has different toxins. Therefore, the end resulting color of the water will be unique to you. When completed, your feet will be noticeably revived and your back deeply massaged. Not for people under 8, if you have a transplant, pacemaker, if on blood thinners, are a hemophiliac, epileptic, pregnant or nursing.  120 min/$85